Tiger Modif Harley Davidson

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Tromol setnya also equipped with custominasi dimension which now appear more slender and matching for variants of picture matic modification. Saddle bags that part will still wearing the framework form we pour an individual painter who really sharp tiger, thanks for free month! It is chrome.

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This is the concept of a variation of the surface of honda tiger, a former employee of water pecikan, then the intellectual but with custominasi dimension which seemed to have a very smallest details.

Compliance JobRevolution slider libraries, modif not just above to reinforce the trellis frame construction ghondezh support his work as big profile.

Main frame construction frame was designed with luggage to modifications in rhythm with used a luxurious feel and, modif rare and position. Modification jupiter mx win the addition of the adjustment of the execution of cultivating pure from naple dicabang master.


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Terlihat dikontrasi both new tiger is what our experienced agents will still using glass fiber material which was relatively stable type of cool surfshops is astonishing.

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